Academic/ Non-Academic
Resource Development

GEP is your trusted partner for comprehensive academic and non-academic resource development. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in strengthening your academic resources.

Academic Services

We collaborate closely with our partners to understand their specific subject areas and learning objectives.

We work diligently to create comprehensive lecture materials that align with the curriculum, incorporating relevant and up-to-date information, multimedia resources, and interactive elements to enhance student engagement and comprehension.

Our team of experienced educators and subject matter experts ensures that each module is carefully crafted, incorporating relevant content, learning activities, assessments, and resources.

By implementing our curriculum development services, our partners can foster student-centered learning, promote critical thinking skills, and facilitate flexible and personalised education.

Through our expertise in educational mapping and accreditation standards, we work closely with our partners to identify courses or programs that align with recognised credit frameworks. By meticulously analysing the learning outcomes, content, and assessments of these courses, we create comprehensive credit mapping documents that clearly outline the equivalency and transferability of credits.

This credit mapping development process not only benefits students by providing them with a pathway to seamless credit transfer, but also empowers our partners to enhance their academic offerings and establish robust partnerships with other educational institutions.

This service is provided to ensure quality, academic content is produced for students and materials that are of a high standard.

Non-Academic Services

In addition, we understand the importance of non-academic resources in creating a conducive learning environment. That's why we offer valuable support, including administrative services to streamline operations, facilities management to optimise learning spaces, and student services tailored to address their specific needs and enhance their overall experience.

Our expertise in administrative systems and technologies enables us to implement efficient systems and provide ongoing support to ensure seamless operations. By leveraging our administrative support services, institutes can focus on their core mission of delivering quality education while entrusting administrative tasks to a reliable and experienced partner.

By entrusting their facilities management to us, our partners can focus on their core educational mission while benefiting from a well-maintained and optimised physical environment conducive to learning and productivity.

Our organisation takes great pride in offering comprehensive student services to partners, aiming to enhance the overall student experience and support their personal, academic, and career development. Through our student services, we strive to create a vibrant and nurturing campus community, where students can thrive both academically and personally.