Pathway Qualifications

Globally accredited qualifications that provide learners the opportunity to fast-track their higher education and earn a Bachelor’s or Masters’ degree at an affordable price.

How useful are Pathway Qualifications to me?

Pathway qualifications prove invaluable for students aiming to enter courses for which they currently fall short of the entry requirements. These qualifications align with various levels within the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

For instance, if your ambition is to pursue an MBA but your highest academic attainment is at the A Levels, a pathway qualification, completed more expeditiously and affordably than a traditional Bachelor's Degree, opens the door for you to enroll in the MBA program of your preference.

Level 3 Certificate/ Diploma

Equivalent to Foundation Level

Level 4 Diploma

Equivalent to the 1st year of a Bachelor's Degree

Level 5 Diploma

Equivalent to the 2nd year of a Bachelor's Degree

Level 6 Diploma

Equivalent to the 3rd year or Final year of a Bachelor's Degree

Level 7 Diploma

Equivalent to a Masters or Postgraduate Level

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