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Whether you are a student, educator or agent in the education industry, we offer solutions to help you grow. Our team of educators, administrators, and network of International Partners are here to help.


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Take one step closer to achieving your educational goals – our job is to help you get there. To accomplish this, we rely on our two greatest assets: a dedicated, well-experienced team and our global network of educational partners.

GEP Global Presence

When it comes to education, we believe in collaboration over competition. GEP partners with Educators around the world, big or small, to enhance the delivery of education. Our global network has been steadily growing. We are currently present in over 20 countries and hope to reach 30 by the end of 2024.

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GEP Milestones: Throughout the Years

Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. Mentioned below are a few of our accomplishments. Join us and unlock your educational potential.

A global network of 80+ credible business partners both domestic & international

Academic and tutoring support provided for 400+ students from around the world

Recruitment of 300+ students  to academic programmes in the span of 2 years

More than 20+ globally recognised top-ranked UK universities & awarding bodies

Global presence in 25+ countries including the UK, USA & Canada

Programme partnerships with five leading education institutes throughout the globe.

Student Reviews

I have completed my BA (Hons) in Business Management from Anglia Ruskin University. GEP boasts a group of extremely knowledgeable professionals who continually encouraged and mentored us. They were always willing to help us out whenever approached and I do hope they will continue to do so in the future as well.
Thomas M.
Graduate of Anglia Ruskin University
My experience with GEP was highly professional and supportive. They provided me with proper guidance for pursuing my degree. I am thankful for their services and highly recommend them to those who intend to complete their studies abroad
Kobu Koturaj
I have completed the MBA Top-up with the University of Chichester via the Global Education Platform, and I must say I am satisfied with the Academic guidance provided by this institute. The sequential process followed was easy for me to complete my studies on time with a hectic work schedule
Kavinda Perera
Graduate of University of Chichester
My experience with GEP was great. They have been very helpful, friendly and provided me with all the information, and guided me throughout the process.
Don Geon Oh
I have studied for a BA in Business Management at Buckinghamshire university and GEP have supported me to navigate through effective learning skills with their study methods.
Akin Dola
Graduate of Buckinghamshire University
I have been tutored by GEP tutors, for my Bachelor’s at the University of Essex and I could say their method of teaching has improved my grades and understanding very well.
Reika Kinoshita
Graduate of University of Essex
I will always be grateful for all the support and help that I have received from everybody at the GEP.
Rishi Ramachandra
Graduate of New Buckinghamshire University