Our Partners

With the help of our global network we are able to provide the support needed for education institutes to successfully grow.

At GEP, we believe ‘Your success to be our success’. Thus, we ensure to deliver the best service and support to our business partners and the students recruited by them. By partnering with GEP, you will be able to reap a range of benefits: academic and otherwise.

Access to our Course Catalogue

Access to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate from the best UK universities, in a wide range of subject areas.

Greater student Opportunities

Opportunity for your students to complete their entire higher education journey with university progression qualifications.

Tutoring Support for Students

Academic and tutoring support for your students by our highly skilled academic team.

  1. International American University (IAU)

  2. University Institute of Veracruz (IUV University)

  • Buckinghamshire New University with IDM

  • Anglia Ruskin University with CEG

  • University of Central Lancashire with CEG

  • University of Gloucestershire with IDM

  • University of Essex with Kaplan

  • University of Liverpool with Kaplan

  • Edinburgh Napier University with Stafford

  • University of Derby with CEG

  • University of Bolton with WINC

  • University of Coventry with StudyNet Group

  • Wolverhampton University with StudyNet Group

  • Staffordshire University with StudyNet Group

  • London South Bank University with StudyNet Group

  • University of Buckingham with LGS

  • Girne American University with CIU

  • Qualifi

  • OTHM

  • London Management Qualifications (LMQ)

  • Concordia International University (CIU)

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If you would like to be part of our business partner network, please fill out our form and initiate the partnership application process. Upon submission, we will contact you to explain our partnership program and determine how we can best support you and your business to grow.

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term mutual success through dedication and support for all partners. Click the button below to download our partner guide and gain an introduction to GEP and the benefits of partnering with GEP.

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