• Dilusha Ranasinghe

The Youth and Their world!

Having a glimpse of the teenage world is vital when it comes to understanding their wants, needs and problems. During this time of their lives, which is from ages 13 to 19 is a time filled with rapid changes and overwhelming thoughts. The want for everything that is being said and done by others is a specification of everyone who is in this stage of life. Thus, being aware of such situations and behaviour is important in order to address teenage problems.

Parental and other external forces, puberty, hormonal changes, peer pressure, body image, and family financial status are common situations that every teenager goes through, which may cause problems that mentally affects them. Handling with love and care is the key when dealing with emotionally depressed youth.

Among the many issues in the world today, addiction to drugs, smoking and abuse play major roles in keeping captive the youth. Researches show that the use of drugs makes changes in one’s brain cells which cause damage when used repetitively. It seems to give higher self-esteem which results in more consumption of it. And also it is proven that one can’t stop consuming drugs once consumed even though he/she has the intention of it. Strong will power or intention alone can’t stop one from the use of drugs, which is the nature of its high addictivity. People find pleasure (especially the youth) in using drugs and alcohol in order to be relieved of the mental struggle and stress they go through.

As it is said that “Prevention is better than cure”, it is important that elders/ parents be aware of their child’s behaviour and daily routines.

Social media plays a significant role in the lives of individuals today. Especially the youth! It has become powerful enough to even sabotage the lives of youth. Is it even possible? Social media is a great way to “socialize” with friends, family, relatives, and people whom we’ve found unable to get in contact with for a long time. But the cons too may bring consequences if users fail to choose properly. For instance, most of the content posted on social media is always eye-catching and addictive when seen repetitively. This results in many of the users trying to follow certain trends regardless of their suitability. This could be the start of complex and serious situations which could possibly even lead to suicidal death. Therefore it is clear that a person should have self-limits and self-control when using social media. Speaking of the youth, they find it a menace when parents or elderly persons interfere too much regarding matters as such. But it is important that they have the necessary knowledge to use wisely!

Self-esteem and body image are two major attributes that the youth especially pay attention to. These correspond in a great way that we are heedless of. You may get thoughts like, “I should get more in shape”, “I’m too skinny”, “I wish I was slim” etc. but it is important that we understand that we all get similar thoughts as such. These kinds of thoughts result in lowering one’s self-esteem and confidence. Therefore being happy with yourself is the key to maintain high self-esteem. Loving yourself, regardless of what shape or size you are will always make you look a thousand times better. This applies to everyone regardless of age.

Above mentioned are only a few of the common issues faced by the youth these days. All these could be solved if we pay close attention in building ourselves up rather than trying to impress others to have a labelled name in the peer community. Having confidence in yourself always works its magic!

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