• Dilusha Ranasinghe

The Role of Technology in Education.

What is the definition of technology? Various people define Technology in various ways. The Oxford Dictionary defines Technology as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. How could this aid in education? By using appropriate technological resources and facilities one can improve his/her educational needs in a very convenient manner. Technology is also utilized nowadays by both teachers and students to improve the quality of learning.

Encyclopedias were the kind of “thing” in the past. We used to go through them to gather the needed information. But now with everything at our fingertips, would one still quote that education and learning have not evolved with the aid of technology? It helps learners to actively engage in educating themselves with real-time information. In the busy day to day world, parents may not have spare time to aid with their children’s educational needs. For example, helping their child with his/her homework or attending parent-teacher meetings may become issues when it comes to time management. Whereas nowadays parents could easily approach teachers online. Submitting assignments and researching is simple and less time consuming as well!

And stating about the cons of using technology in education is a must! When learning online there are major sources of distraction which drive children/learners out of the track. Social Media is a fine example of such distractions. While working on something important, one may feel boredom and laziness as we are all human! Taking a break for a while is totally fine, but going overboard is something that we should take care of! We often lose track of time while swiping through the feed and mesmerizing ourselves. And the important stuff is forgotten until it strikes the mind that there is not enough time to finish and overlook one’s tasks. This is known to be the main cause of stress, commonly known as “Work Stress.” Another major step-back of technology is Cyber Bullying which is also known as Online Bullying. This is common especially among teenagers at present. Therefore to pick up the good stuff is up to individuals and regarding children, it is good to have elderly assistance and certain restrictions such as limiting the usage of the internet except for educational needs. Moreover, technology may also have impacts on a person’s health, both physically and mentally. Researches claim that working on a computer for too many hours can damage one’s brain cells and also it may cause straining of the back, neck, and eyes. Excessive use of the computer for long periods is likely to bring shoulder and hand injuries as well. Therefore using the correct posture is important to leave out such issues.

The present education system of a country directly affects the development of the country

and its people individually. In European countries, advanced education systems have been well established and children are adopted to the systems which massively help them in improving themselves, as in some Asian countries it is hard to say that education has evolved with the aid of technology. But stating about China, it has its own ways of teaching which the British government tries to adopt! On the other hand, The Chinese also are equally eager to embrace the English education systems. Henceforth it is crystal clear that even regarding educational quality there is competition among individuals and countries too.

The knowledge that is being passed from generation to generation should be of value to all persons that wish to absorb the morality of everything that is being learned. Education cannot be defined as mere facts that we learn from books itself. It is also about values, skills, and habits as well. Therefore the worth of what we learn doesn’t count on the means of it, but using technology in educating oneself could make the process more interesting and easier.
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