• Dilusha Ranasinghe

Save the Trees! Save Mother Earth!

Would you believe that humans are entirely dependent on trees/plants? Trees produce oxygen using the energy taken from the sunlight. Then it makes glucose using carbon dioxide and water. Therefore trees provide two main wants of a human to survive. Presently the world has been facing major environmental issues due to the lack of conservation of trees. People hardly take into consideration the importance of trees and greenery for the well being of the various cycles of mother earth! We should at least take into thought about the great service that we receive from trees and henceforth conserve them for ourselves, for mother earth and for the future generation!

Deforestation has now become a topic that is daily spoken about. It has been drastically changing the natural cycles of nature and has massively contributed in accelerating global warming. Soil erosion is another effect of deforestation. The loss of trees and other vegetation causes soil erosion and this leads to desertification, which affects the water cycle. And so this goes on and on! Deforestation also is a threat to various conservation efforts! It is significant that we all know ways to reduce deforestation and desertification since we are aware of the various effects of it.

Reversing deforestation is complicated; planting a tree is simple!” said Martin O’Malley, which was indeed well said. The first thing that we could do to reduce the effects of deforestation is to plant a tree. It is easy as that! How great would it be if we could all plant one tree? Imagine the number of trees that would have been planted!

There have been several projects that have been going on around the globe to save the environment from getting further polluted, and it is with great disconsolation that we see some of these projects being done only for mere advertising and recognition. Therefore it is up to us to rebuild and save the environment to make it a pleasant place to live in!

To shop wisely is another great way to help heal the environment. It is important that we buy and consume recycled products and products that are made by making minimal harm to the environment. Henceforth it is important that we all aid companies that manufacture goods with recycled stuff regardless of whether that company is a large-scale business or a small one.

Another way to help the environment is to make sure our carbon footprint is minimal. The food we consume on a day to day basis also affects in many ways to protect the environment. For instance, researches show that consuming a lot of meat products highly affects environmental pollution. During the production process of such food, fossil fuel usage, the release of animal methane, effluent waste (liquid waste that is directly discharged into rivers or the sea.) and water/land consumption are some ways that pollute the environmental health. And mainly, “loss of wildlife.” All these affect plants and trees in common directly or indirectly. Therefore it is our duty to help protect trees and the rest of the environment by renewing our eating habits too. Including a lot of vegetables (garden peas, beans, broccoli, etc.) in our diet not only may be helpful for the environment but also it is good for the human body too.

When considering the above-discussed facts it is clear that the service we receive from forests cannot be underestimated. They help keep human beings alive in every way possible. Therefore we must consider trees as our own life and we must be desperate to protect them at all times, for us and for future generations!

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