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It’s All Down to the State of MIND!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

You and Me, we are lost in ourselves finding who we really are! We often misuse the greatest weapon we’ve all got. A weapon that could even surrender one’s worst fear. The weapon nobody else can control, “THE MIND”. We forget that we are the masters of our minds and let our minds take over us. This is where we start losing ourselves or start realizing that we have no track of who we really are! In this case, there is a high tendency that one loses his/her self-esteem and dignity.

The first question one should ask his/herself is “WHO AM I?” Most people fail to answer this question. If we knew an answer to this, we wouldn’t be working 9-5 for a limited salary. We wouldn’t be hesitating to wake up early morning to start our day’s work. And most of all we wouldn’t be complaining of all the difficulties and obstacles that we have to reconcile in life. Because if, “WHO AM I?” was not an unanswered question we would be following our heart and we would have made our passion and abilities our profession.

The world as it is is a vicious place to live in. If you keep one step forward there might be hundreds of stones laid, for you to trip. As stated, it’s all down to the state of mind! People make an effort to reach the utmost peak of their career, and if “YOU” seem to be a threat, the easiest thing they could do is wipe you off! But a person with a well-conducted mind would never find you threatening, but will count you as a blessing and will be considerate and gentle. And a well-conducted mind is a property of a person who has an answer for “WHO AM I?”

Here’s a little exercise for you to discover your true self! Grab a pen and a paper and list down the following.


- Capabilities

- Weaknesses

- Where do my instincts take me?

- What do I get offended by?

- Desires

Because if, “WHO AM I?” was not an unanswered question we would be following our heart and we would have made our passion and abilities our profession.

What annoys me?

- Talents

- Who do I dislike to be with?

- What makes me happy?

- What do I see as threats?

- What do I enjoy doing the most?

- Imperfections

- Qualities

- Qualities that are a disadvantage for me

Now, take a minute and think if you take advantage of your abilities and look for ways to minimize your weak points! And make sure you find ways to enhance your talents and abilities. Do this activity a couple of times, and it will be much easier to bring out your true inner-self.

Ponder on this fact, if a jar of cookies was filled with pebbles and twigs, would there still be room to put any cookies in it? Everyone would say no! Likewise, if a person’s mind is filled with negative thoughts and other's opinions, how can one improve his/herself to leap forward in life? How can one bring in optimism and positivity into his/her life? Therefore finding the silver lining in every dark cloud is the key to leading and conducting a better self. Surrounding yourself with positive people and energy plays a main role in building yourself to reach higher.

“Giving yourself time” is highly necessary and is of great significance when it comes to “Finding Yourself”. Every millisecond has its worth that many of us underestimate. The interrelationship between the mind and time co-exists in a way that you and I hardly understand. The mind can rule the time or it could even be enslaved by time. There needs to be a deep conversation between you and yourself about how you let it flow. There wouldn’t have been a constant battle between your mindset and your actions if the mind that you ruled, ruled time too!

At present, “Depression” has become a major setback in many individuals. Among the main causes of Depression, there is another incentive that most of us do not pay attention to! Which is, “The Lack of Emotional Intelligence”. Psychology has proven that women are more likely to experience depression than men. Apart from the hormonal differences, the ability to cope with emotions is varied among men and women. Though women are more emotionally expressive than men, they tend to be very obsessive about things whereas men aren’t as such. Therefore “The Mind” plays a major role in keeping oneself mentally and emotionally healthy too. If a person is comprehensive of his/her abilities while learning self-management mental disorders will not exist furthermore.

Self-worth is a great deal and it should not be misjudged. Most people have let Self-doubt take over Self-worth. It is a must to take into consideration that if only you make worth yourself, that others will too!! We should stop comparing ourselves with others, as we are all unique in our own ways! A positive mindset will only lift your spirits and it will never let you down even if your closest companion does.

A butterfly was never born a butterfly! Its beauty did not come spontaneously. It went through toil to be as it is. The same applies to human life! A successful person might not have had a clear vision of his/her destination. Therefore following your instincts is of great significance to step on “Success”. The journey might be rough and hard, but through this journey knowing the answer for “WHO AM I?” will push you through even when you feel like giving up! Just making sure that the word “Justify” is less used in our vocabulary will make sure that success is a deep desire in spite of it just being a dream! Make your talent, your armour! Stop stressing about things that the world thinks about you and remember that only you could change the perspective of such things. Always try to reach beyond yourself so that you become a better person than you were yesterday! Because you are worth it!

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