• Dilusha Ranasinghe

Blazing Kangaroo Land!

The recent bushfires in Australia have awakened the world to thought in reasoning why all this is happening! Right after the massive burning of the Great Amazon, who thought of a bushfire. The raging flames have successfully managed to convey a very important message to the whole world. Since all of these horrifying disasters, we all have a massive duty and a responsibility to ponder if we live in a way that may help increase the impact of all these natural disasters. The recent wildfires have made records in the Australian history making 2019 the warmest year surpassing the previous record which was in the year 2013. The wildfires have killed almost half a billion animals and also their habitats. Proceeding with, destroying more than 3000 homes and millions of acres. Reports say that about 28 humans were also killed by the fires.

Consequences of a wildfire are enormous. Extinction of species, adverse effects on health, loss of biodiversity, and soil erosion are just a few. Though there is no specific reason for the cause of wildfires researches show that most wildfires are caused due to human behaviour while mother nature is also responsible for the rest. Burning yard waste, campfires, throwing away still-burning cigarettes, and fireworks are some of the human activities that may result in wildfires. Whereas lightning and volcanic eruption aid in minor ways as well. The release of carbon dioxide is of huge effect on the environment. In widespread wildfires like the Australian ones, it is clear that the amount of carbon dioxide that was released to the atmosphere is almost unmeasurable.

Despite all the causes and effects of wildfires, what is most important is to take all measures possible to prevent such wildfires. It may seem impossible, but every small thing counts.

Though wildfires are unfortunate series they could be prevented. Though the weather conditions cannot be prevented we as humans could take care of the little things that help wildfires prosper. Just simple things such as not discarding lit smoking materials is a fine way to start! Leaving unattended campfires, driving on grass or bush, and setting off fireworks are a few things that we could avoid.

Specifically speaking about the Australian bushfires, BBC claimed that rainstorms have hit most of the areas and eased some of the fires. But it states that the authorities warn that the bushfires are far from over. Severe storms including huge hail also have caused chaos in some areas of Australia. These should be taken as signs from mother nature, to be more cautious about the environment while in our day to day work. Else, what is only left to do is to face the consequences.

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